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John Kyriazoglou Joins Advisory Board

The Chairman of TheIIC recently announced the appointment of John Kyriazoglou as the newest member of TheIIC Advisory Board. John will replace long-time member Edmund “Eddie” Saunders who retired due to health reasons. Among his Board duties, John will represent Western Europe on the Advisory Board. Many of you will know John as the Editor-in-Chief of TheIIC Internal Controls e-Magazine and a frequent article contributor to the e-Magazine.

John is well-known in Europe as a Business Thinker, Consultant, and Author. He has written more than 60 books on various topics, including Data Privacy Protection, Business Management Controls, IT, Corporate Wellness, Duty of Care, etc. More details on his library can be found at

John has more than 40 years global experience on Data Management, IT Auditing, IT Security, IT Project Management and Data Privacy issues.

John is a graduate of the University of Toronto (B.A. Honors), a Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) and Management Consultant.

Connecticut is now the 5th state to implement a Data Privacy Act. 

The Connecticut Data Privacy Act provides consumers with valuable protections and protects privacy rights in a digital commercial environment. Read about it now in TheIIC e-Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 2

TheIIC Announces Partnership with University of New Haven

TheIIC Endorses UNH's Master of Science in Investigation Program

This GRADUATE program allows the Internal Controls Professional the ability to learn the skills required for professional skepticism in designing, auditing, reviewing, etc., internal controls systems, as well as the skills needed to investigate violations of internal controls, including financial statement fraud and illegal acts. See AD in TheIIC Internal Controls E-Magazine for description of the program. *Note: Members of TheIIC will receive a 20% discount on tuition)

New Benefits under TheIIC MMS -Temp ID available online

Members in good standing can now print a temporary copy of TheIIC Membership Card online by logging onto the website and clicking on the My Profile button in the logon box. The card will be visible and a pdf copy available from the page. (see FAQ section for details).

New Membership Management System (MMS) now integrated into TheIIC website

The new Membership Management System (MMS) has been integrated into the website and is functioning normally. With the new MMS, members are able to change profile information, pay annual dues, access the Members Only section of the website and even print out their membership cards and other membership documents. The new MMS automates much of the administrative processes involved in maintaining certified status, a tremendous convenience to the membership.

TheIIC Blog is seeking comments regarding website features and the new MMS

TheIIC Blog seeks input from members regarding the few features of the website, the new Membership Management System (MMS) and the Member's Only Portal. TheIIC Blog is for discussion and input from the membership is critical in allowing TheIIC to continually adjust and modify what is provided for the good of the membership.

2nd Student Chapter Established at Yalova University in Istanbul!

A 2nd new student chapter has been established, bringing the issues regarding internal controls to students who will be entering the field upon graduation.

Under the direction of Dr. Cevdet Kizil, Ph.D, CICA, a student chapter known as the Internal Controls Club was established recently at Istanbul Yalova University in Turkey. This is the second student chapter established in Eastern Europe. Congratulations to Dr. Kizil in bringing internal controls to the attention of university students in Turkey.

Local Chapter of TheIIC in Ukraine Established!

A petition to start a local chapter of TheIIC in Ukraine has been approved by the Office of the Chairman. The lead petitioners include Alex Mouchan. Additional information, including contact information on joining TheIIC and the local chapter will be provided as organizational actions are completed.The Belarus sub-chapter has been expelled from TheIIC Ukraine chapter due to support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. (See the interview of Ukraine chapter president in TheIIC e-Magazine Vol. 3 Issue #2, available now in the Members Only section).

Turkey Local Chapter Commences Operations with New Website

A new chapter has been approved and is now operational in Istanbul, Turkey.

TheIIC Chairman has approved Dr. Cevdet Kizil as the founding President and Funda Guzel Kizil as Vice President. Additional officers will be appointed/elected  at the initial organizational meeting to be scheduled. Petitioning officers will serve a two year term at the appointed of TheIIC Chairman.

The new chapter website is hosted at   All interested members are encouraged to visit the website for details and contact Dr. Kizil directly at

This exciting development underscores the IIC commitment to worldwide participation in the field of Internal Controls.

Internal Controls Case Study Book Project Restarted

As many of you are aware, in the past TheIIC attempted to develop an Internal Controls Case Study book dedicated to recent as well as significant historical internal control failures that resulted in Financial Statement fraud, illegal acts, quality assurance issues and failures, etc. The project was cancelled due to an insufficient number of volunteers to author case studies for the book. As a guideline, we require a minimum of 25 case studies for the book. Based on experience we have found that acceptable articles typically number about fifty percent, so we will need a minimum of 50 volunteers. Since the project approval, TheIIC has grown about thirty percent and we now feel that our chances of obtaining a sufficient number of volunteers as contributors to the book is now achievable. New submissions are now being accepted. Click the link below to submit a proposal. Prior submission of proposals do not have to be resubmitted. Additional instructions will  be emailed to the membership in the fall of 2022.

*As noted in the link, fifty percent of the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to TheIIC Scholarship Fund for award of scholarships for members of student chapters. 

TheIIC is Recruiting Accounting & IT professors 

TheIIC is currently recruiting Accounting and IT professors currently teaching in colleges and universities worldwide to join TheIIC under the Grandfathering Provision for Educator Membership. This valuable membership will enhance the credentials of currently active teaching professionals in the field of Internal Controls and amplify the scholarly focus on the field in academic research and literature.

New Website Now Active
I am happy to announce that you are viewing the new website of TheIIC. We have switched over to a Membership based web vendor WildApricot, which will allow members greater flexibility to make adjustments to their accounts, pay their annual dues, and have access to the Members Only Portal that will restrict access to valuable benefits such as samples of ICQ's to members in good standing. The new website will also allow candidates to register for membership and certification using both html pages as well as interactive pdf files.

In designing the new website my team is ensuring that the website does not become too cluttered which can cause it to be unusable or difficult to navigate. As a professor of Information Systems I have taught how the design of websites must be manageable to the user via good human-interaction techniques to prevent user frustration. I have seen this frustration in many of the websites of other professional  certification organizations where needed links are so deeply embedded in subpages that it is almost impossible to find what is needed.

In attempting to prevent this we implemented the new site in stages:

  1. The first stage was a simple layout with the items most viewers needed (the initial roll-out that you are viewing).
  2. The second step was to implement the Members Only Portal, which requires members-in-good-standing to log in with their username and passwords to access restricted material such as TheIIC e-Magazine and CPE credit opportunities.
  3. The final step, which is nearing completion, will be to implement links to our partners and implement the training and development tools such as course catalogs and webinars. This will allow TheIIC to provide the training and tools members need to advance their careers in Internal Controls.

With this rollout, we encourage members to make suggestions for improvements or to notify us of problems they may encounter while using this website. Member input is critical in enhancing the effectiveness of the IIC website.

TheIIC Creates New Membership Categories 
As we continue to grow, the Office of the Chairman with the cooperation of the Board, have developed several new avenues to obtain the CICA or CCS certification. Beginning in 2023 TheIIC will implement two new membership categories in addition to the Certified Member status. As an entrance to preparing and registering for the upcoming Certification via Exam program and the Certification via Curriculum program, all candidates for these programs must join TheIIC beforehand as an Associate Member. The Associate Member program must be maintained until the candidate either passes the certification exam or completes the Curriculum program, at which time the Associate Member will convert to the Certified Member status upon approval of the Application for Certification based on meeting all applicable requirements for certification.
In addition, in order to extend TheIIC into the academic world, TheIIC has commenced a Student Member status, which is open to all students registered and undergoing classes at accredited colleges and universities. As part of this program, TheIIC will undergo a major project to develop student chapters. The scholarships offered by TheIIC will be limited to members of the Student chapters.

Finally, as part of the Student Chapter program and to extend the Grandfathering provision, the Office of the Chairman has developed a special category for the Grandfathering Provision to include full-time educators who have developed or delivered courses involving internal controls. This will include not only accounting professors, but also IT professors teaching Information Security, Access/Data Controls courses, and Network controls, and Security professors involved in security and loss prevention controls. This list may be extended as needed. In addition, the Grandfathering for Educators program will be extended to educators who have published significant research involving internal controls in peer reviewed publications. Certified Educators will be encouraged to establish the Student Chapters at their schools and work with TheIIC in developing a standard syllabus for use in designing audit courses specific to the auditing of internal control systems.

Terminated/Non-Active Members Removed From Mailing and Email Lists

As TheIIC grows it is becoming uneconomical to have terminated/non-active members remain on TheIIC mail and email lists. All members who are at least six months past due will be deleted from all membership lists. In addition, these individuals will also be denied access to the Members Only Portal that will be incorporated on the new website. Those former members who desire to be reinstated will be required to apply for formal reinstatement based on their situations and the approval from the Office of the Chairman.  Contact for further information.

TheIIC Begins Project to Set Up Student Chapters

As part of its initiative to grant the CICA and CCS Certification to Educators under the Grandfathering Provision and a special category for Student Members, the Institute for Internal Controls encourages the establishment of Student Chapters at Colleges and Universities where internal controls is part of the curriculum, whether as part of the accounting/auditing program, IT program, or management program. TheIIC will assist the student chapter in providing educational materials including speakers, video training, etc. Members of the Student Chapters will be eligible for award of scholarships as dedicated by the Office of the Chairman and the Student Scholarship Committee.


Board Extends Grandfathering Provision 
As the Board completes the development of the Certification via Examination and the Certification via Curriculum programs, the Board has agreed to extend the Certification via Grandfathering Provision program through 2022. Once the above programs are fully implemented the grandfathering option will be phased out. It was noted by the Board at their recent annual Board meeting that the grandfathering provision has allowed TheIIC to establish a base of well qualified and experienced certified members which has allowed TheIIC to position itself as the premier professional certification organization specializing in internal controls. The establishment of the two new programs will allow us not only to add to this base of experts, but also to train new internal controls professionals.



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