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TheIIC Professional Certification Program

It should be noted that The Institute for Internal Controls is not an association restricted only to auditors.

TheIIC is dedicated to the specific domain /subject matter of internal controls and internal control systems and includes various types of auditors (external, internal, IT, operational, compliance, government, etc.), accountants, IT personnel, forensic accountants, fraud examiners and investigators, loss prevention professionals, compliance professionals, consultants, etc.

The Institute for Internal Controls offers two certification designations

 Qualifications for eligibility are noted below:




The Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) designation is available to those responsible for the audit, review, or evaluation of internal controls and internal controls systems.  Those typically eligible for the CICA include Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Operational Auditors, Compliance Auditors, Consultants, Forensic Accountants and CFEs, Inspector Generals, Audit Committee Members, etc., and include all types of auditors including Financial, Operational, IT, Fraud, Risk Management, etc., as well as non-auditors who have the responsibility to review internal controls and internal controls system either formally or informally, evaluate the adequacy of internal controls, and make recommendations for the improvement of internal controls and internal controls systems. Specialists who evaluate controls in specific operational areas are also eligible. These include Physical Security personnel, Loss Prevention personnel, Operating Room Nurses, testing professionals, etc. It should be noted that a CICA denotes expertise in at least one area of the categories of internal controls and it should not be presumed that they are experts in all areas or categories of internal controls.




The Certified Controls Specialists (CCS) designation is offered to non auditors who are involved in non audit areas of internal controls such as the design or implementation of IC systems, monitoring of internal controls and internal control systems, etc. Those eligible for the CCS include accounting personal, IT network security personnel, Physical Security and Loss Prevention personnel, systems analysts and programmers involved in the design of internal controls within systems, attorneys, educators, and anyone who is involved directly in the areas of internal controls but do not meet the requirements for the grant of the CICA designation.

To receive the certification designation a candidate can earn the CICA or CCS via various programs that are outlined at the link below

How To Become a CICA or CCS webpage (Click here)

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