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Certification Via Curriculum Program

UPDATE - Program to Begin in the Summer of 2025

Current Status of  Curriculum Program

Individuals not eligible for certification under the grandfathering provision can attain certification by completion of an approved academic curriculum of approximately ten courses in the area of internal controls and related subjects. A one hour exam evaluating the student's understanding of the materials will be administered at the conclusion of each course. This program will be implemented in 2025 as courses are developed. 

The requirements for certification by completion of the Academic Curriculum will be posted here. It will include the Body of Knowledge required and the foundation and core courses to be offered in fulfillment of the program. Delivery via CD-ROM/DVD media or ONLINE will begin in 2025. Upon  completion of the curriculum program, AND minimum experience, candidates will be considered for the award of the CICA or CCS certification.

Graduates of the Academic Curriculum for Certification program must also meet the minimum requirements for certification at the time of the completion of the program.

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