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Associate Membership

ASSOCIATE MEMBER STATUS is a non-certified member of the IIC who typically is studying for or registered to take the CICA or CCS Certification Examination or enrolled in the Certification via Curriculum Program. The member will have access to all benefits of Full Certified Members; however, they cannot use the CICA or CCS designation. An Associate Member will be converted automatically to Full Certified Member status with passing of the Certification Examination, or completion of the Certification via Curriculum Program and having met the experience requirements, with official approved by the IIC Nominations Committee.

An Applicant may be admitted as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER of the Institute for Internal Controls by completing the application for Associate Membership and submitting annual dues in the amount of:

  • Annual Associate Member fee - $75.00 USD

Associate members will have access to select resources provided by the IIC

Associate members will qualified for discounted rates for members.. 

In order to become an Associate Member of the IIC, applicants must declare that they meet one of the following:

  1. Studying for or registering for the Certification Exam
  2. Enrolled in the Certification via Curriculum Program 

Admission as an Associate Member is not automatic.

Admissions decisions are the sole discretion of the IIC Chairman and the nominations committee.

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